How to sit and stand up

Since many of my readers and clients are interested in lower back and general back pain prevention, I thought I would address in this post the first topic I usually bring up with clients who have lower back issues, upper back issues, or both.

I address this topic either at the beginning or at the end of the session, where I talk about preventing a deterioration of back pain due to improper usage of the body. One of the first issues in this topic is the proper way to sit that would prevent a deterioration or reoccurrence of back pain.

Even though most of us sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time, we are lacking basic knowledge about these topics. This is not surprising, though – these topics are not taught at school, so parents who never really learned about it don’t pass the knowledge to their children.

So in this post I will focus on how to sit properly to avoid back pain.

The most important rule in my opinion is that when a long period of sitting is concerned, there isn’t just one way of sitting that is correct. Even if you are sitting in a very proper manner you have to change positions otherwise you will cause pressure on the system.

The second most important rule is to incorporate movement into your sitting! Inject some liveliness into stagnation.

And the third most important rule is to know where the support is coming from, know your physical center, and know how to utilize this support through that center.

It’s easiest to explain these concepts through an example, so I prepared a short video that explains the three rules, starting with the last one.
You are invited to watch the video and give me your feedback – you can write, ask questions, or ask that I address anything to do with back pain, sitting properly, proper posture, etc.

For private questions press here.

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