Neck pain – Tips for Prevention and Treatment

In this post I will mainly address neck pain that is related to sitting in front of the computer to write/read for long periods of time (though the following tips also apply to people who don’t spend hours in front of the computer).

There are two issues that need to be addressed relating to posture and the spine in general, and to neck pain in particular.

The first is about sitting and it involves letting go, and I already talked about it in my first post. In other words, the first step is to let go of any unnecessary stress in the neck area.

The first tip is about learning how to let go of any unnecessary stress in the neck area:

Our brains have to identify support in order to let go and release excessive muscular activity. On one hand it’s a requirement for this to work and nothing will happen if this requirement is not met. On the other hand, if this requirement is met, the release is instantaneous, which is good news because it’s all we have to do.

When we’re seated, the source of support for the neck is the chair that is transferring the support of the earth. If we let our neck and head seek the sensation that occurs when they are supported by the chair, the head will immediately recognize tension in the neck that stems from the fact that the head is not right above the neck and is not extended from the spine (which is fully supported by the chair). Instead, the head is leaning forwards, which means that its only support is the rear neck muscles – they are holding it from falling forward and downward!

When looking for the supporting element – the chair – the head will move backwards and position itself above the spine (which will also straighten to recognize the support coming from the chair). Try it for yourselves and see, and feel free to post any questions in the blog comments area.

The second tip:I also mentioned the subject of my second tip in the first post. I am referring to livelihood – the level of energy – which is pretty much the opposite of letting go. I’m referring to exercises and activities that prevent the downward sagging of the body; exercises that lengthen the neck and create release using specific movements.

There are two organs that can influence the release of the neck when actuated using the right triggers – the eyes and the tongue. But before I get to those, I will give you the ultimate trigger to do with typing on a computer keyboard. This exercise is called upper lip to nose. If you really want to understand the exercises you should watch the previous and the following clip (they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video removes all doubt…)

Summary and exercises:1. Identify the support: identify the point of contact you have with the chair – the chair is transferring the earth’s support to your body. Recognizing this support generates instantaneous release. Let the head receive that support as well and let it organize itself over your sitting bone.

2. Use the upper lip to nose exercise.

3. Move tongue from side to side.

4. Long, narrow tongue.

5. As a pause: put your palms on your eyes for a few minutes.

6. Try the exercise where you cross your eyes and the head if you need to release neck blockages.

You can find more exercises for proper sitting and posture to prevent pain in my first blog posts and on my website.

You’re welcomed to send me your questions and I will incorporate the answers into the next update.

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